About Our Collections

The stewardship of the collections is a public trust. We value the trust placed with us to safeguard the collection, and we recognize our responsibility to strategically develop the collection for future generations. Our collection is diverse, just like Oshawa’s history, and we are committed to expanding the narratives we share. We care for over 50,000 objects and photographs covering social history, science, technology, and Indigenous history and will continue to strategically manage and develop the collection as a growing resource for education and research.



OCVI 50th Anniversary

September is Back to School season, so we're highlighting a mug from 1980, commemorating 50 years of OCVI

Oshawa’s first official High School was located at 301 Simcoe St. N. and opened its doors to the public in 1910. It was an immaculate structure comprised of imported stone and red brick. It was originally named Oshawa High School, and it accommodated the teen population of the Oshawa area. By the 1920s, the need for expansion was realized, and on May 7, 1930, after extensive renovations and expansions, the school officially opened as Oshawa Collegiate and Vocational Institute. In September 1962, it was decided that Oshawa C.V.I would formally and respectfully be changed to O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute in honour of longtime principal A.E. O’Neill.

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